Friday, August 9, 2013

Sauteed Spinach, and a Welcome Addition to the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Between being caught up in school, work, fostering dogs, hosting family and friends, and life in general, the blog fell to the wayside. I've mostly been cooking things from other blogs lately, and while I'm thinking about turning this into more of a food diary, I haven't quite yet.
M and I joined Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago from tomorrow. I suspect tomorrow's weigh in won't be the best (I tried not to appear to diet around the teenagers I was hosting), but as of last Saturday, I'd lost 7 pounds. As such, what we've been eating has changed. Tonight is only the second pasta night we've had since we started. Most of what I used to cook is pasta. Additionally, I'm trying to cut out oil entirely - I used far too much.
So tonight I decided to treat us to the roasted red pepper sauce on pasta, which comes to 12 points a serving without using oil (I have 2 servings pictured - I was hungry and had only had a few points worth of food). I replaced the oil with a touch of the juices drained from the canned red peppers. I also forgot to toast the pine nuts, but found it to be just as tasty. Additionally, I blended 1/2 cup capers with one bulb of roasted garlic, which I sprinkled over the top of the pasta when done. It was delicious, and didn't cost any points.

For the spinach, I just put the rest of the drained juices from those red peppers to work, adding more as needed.
I started by sauteeing one clove of garlic for about a minute.
Then I added the spinach and a touch more juice, and covered it.
Then I occasionally stirred, until the spinach was done (2-3 minutes).
That was 0 points.

A pretty yummy dinner. I am quite satisfied and full.

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