Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Bit of an Introduction.

Hi, I'm E. I live with my fiance, M.
We've been together for well over five years. We were introduced to each other during college by a mutual friend. We've been engaged for two years, but aren't getting married for another 18 months. We finally moved in together roughly six months ago.
We're a fairly boring couple, really. Our shared hobbies are gaming, hiking, and generally being very nerdy. M is a tax accountant, pursuing his CPA. I'm a full time student, studying psychology and special education, and I work part time with a boy with special needs. We live in your average apartment complex in one of Hampton Roads "cities" (I tend to use that term loosely, as I lived in Washington, DC before moving here - I don't think of this as a city). We're in our mid-twenties, and have no children, but two rescued rabbits.
Here's the thing that seems to surprise anyone who meets us - I'm a vegan. M is not. He's your average omnivore.
As I get a lot of questions about that, I figured I would start a blog.  Here, I plan to answer some of those questions. Maybe, others in similar situations will find us and find workarounds for problems and ask us questions. Maybe this thing will never be seen by another vegan. Who knows.
Here's a picture of M and I, hiking at Assateague National Seashore.