Saturday, August 10, 2013

Raspberry Peach Smoothie

Another bad eating habit I have is skipping breakfast. I've been skipping breakfast since late high school, and at 24 years old, it's pretty ingrained in my habits. I'm not a big cereal person, so I decided I need to start coming up with other way to eat breakfast. Of course, there's always fruit, or banana with a tablespoon of PB spread on it, but I wanted something that could easily fill me up for an extended time. Smoothies are my solution.

This is stupidly simple to make.
1/2 cup unsweetened frozen raspberries
1 peach (typically ~8 slices if you're using frozen)
1 cup vanilla soy milk (or other vanilla flavored non-dairy milk of your choice)
And just blend it all together and serve.

This is a thicker smoothie - it requires a spoon. When plugged into Recipe Builder, this comes back as 5 points, but when I asked my leader about it, she said to count it as just the soy milk (2 points) unless I'm making several a day or find I'm not losing weight while still keeping to my points.

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