Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tonight's dinner: Roasted Veggies and Pasta in Red Pepper Sauce

Okay, I'm guilty as charged. I make the red pepper sauce too much. Or rather, I seem to feature dishes with it too often. I make other things, I swear!
Tonight, I was trying to figure out what to do with some veggies - a bag full of perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes from a friend's garden and an eggplant from my own. After thinking of making a pizza and deciding that I was to lazy to either drive to the grocery store or make one from scratch, I decided to check my favorite food blogs first for inspiration. Fat free vegan had the perfect inspiration.
Using the basic guide there, I roasted the vegetables I had in my apartment. On a whim, I made the red pepper sauce using raw cashews instead of pine nuts (I was out).
I used half an exceptionally large yellow onion, a tiny ichiban eggplant from my garden, 2/3 of a farmer's market ichiban eggplant which was as long as my forearm, a zucchini, and the bag of tomatoes.
I didn't use any oil at all.
This not using oil thing is turning out great! I am always afraid to not use it, but I did not miss the oil one bit in this dish. In fact, I would say that eggplant's even better without oil!
If I make this again (which I almost certainly will), I'll probably leave off the zucchini. While it was okay, I felt it took away from the other veggies, which really shined.

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