Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dandelion Soup

And of course, my second recipe sounds very strange. But I promise you, it is tasty.

M and I were watching Food Network today. I was surprised to see that Chopped had not only a vegan chef on, but that he won! Additionally, his appetizer course made both our mouths water. He had to use morels, chia seeds, dandelion leaves, and rice wrappers. He made some sort of roll with dandelion leaves in a morel broth that just looked amazing.
I've never actually eaten dandelions, though. Growing up, every spring, my dad would mention that my great grandmother used to cook dandelions for him, but he never made them. I've plucked them myself many times - only to feed them to my rabbits. So, spurred by this delicious looking dish and knowing that the grocery store down the street carried dandelion leaves, I looked for other suggestions to use dandelions.
I stumbled upon a soup recipe that was clearly not vegan, and ran with it. Below are the results:

1 lb bunch dandelions (I found mine at Harris Teeter, but I believe Whole Foods carries them as well. Or, if you prefer and have enough, you can always harvest your own from your yard)
2 bulbs worth of roasted garlic, removed from shell.
1 package Gardein Beefless Tips
1 package of pasta of your choice (I used the Barilla veggie rotini)
1 1/2 gallons of mushroom broth (typically 3 packages, or you can make your own)

Place mushroom broth on stove, bring to a boil
While waiting, prepare the Beefless Tips according to package directions. Do not drain the oil when done. This will add extra flavor to the soup.
When the broth is boiling, give the roasted garlic a little mash or chop.
Throw the garlic and pasta into the pot. Set your timer for 3 minutes before the pasta should be done.
Cut your dandelions into ~2 inch long pieces while waiting.
When your timer goes off, add the dandelions and the Beefless Tips, including the oil they were cooked in.
Cook for 2 more minutes, and pull the pot completely off the heat. The pasta will still continue to cook after this.
Serve hot and enjoy.

M and I have started Weight Watchers, so I will now be posting points. This entire recipe, assuming the use of 2 tbsp oil in prep of the Gardein and using my recommended pasta, is worth 54 Points+. Assuming serving sizes of ~ 1 1/2 cups, this comes in a 3 Points+ a serving.

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